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Directed by VARIOUS

DECEMBER 10TH (12.00)

Marek Skrobecki's Danny Boy tells of the only person with a head in a world of people without. Paweł Prewencki's Beach has a clear ecological message. Sylwia Gaweł's Domesticationdepicts the relationship between a man and his exotic pets. Zbigniew Czapla's Strange Case is an impressionistic portrayal of a life remembered. Renata Gąsiorowska's Pussy sees a masturbation session take an unexpected turn. Marta Pajek's Impossible Figures and Other Stories II sees a woman find her house filled with paradoxes. Karolina Specht's The Incredibly Elastic Man portrays a man born without a defined shape. Paulina Ziółkowska's Oh Mother! is the story of an overprotective mother and her son. Natalia Krawczuk's Fences examines the ways in which we separate ourselves from others.

81 minutes. Poland, 2010-2017. Subtitled. Digital.

Notes on films by Kevin Coyne.

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