DECEMBER 6th (12.00)

Mami Fatale

Megaprosilla, Critic From Outer Space, written by: Radosław Smektała, Łukasz Kacprowicz, directed by: Łukasz Kacprowicz, Marcin Wasilewski (2012, 10’ each)
An elderly woman settles in the countryside with her two pets: Psina (Doggie) and Prosięcie (Piggie). In a cosy cottage surrounded by a vegetable garden, she prepares the most exquisite meals. Cooking is her great passion. The peaceful life of the elderly lady and her friends is disturbed by a sudden, absurd event. The narrator speaks with the voice of Robert Makłowicz, the popular Polish creator of cooking programmes. The animated series was created as a result of the cooperation of Studio Miniatur Filmowych and the Smacznego Group from the Tricity Area. It has been broadcast in Argentina, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Ukraine and Lithuania and awarded many prizes, including overseas.



Hip-Hip and Hurra

Where the pearls grow, written by: Maciej Kur, Marcin Graj, Elżbieta Wąsik, directed by: Elżbieta Wąsik (2011, 13’); Enjoy, Adelka, written by: Maciej Kur, Marcin Graj, Elżbieta Wąsik, directed by: Bolesław Ugielski (2011, 13’); Huge, colourful and having two legs, written and directed by: Elżbieta Wąsik (2011, 13’ each)
Unusually surprising and amusing adventures of a pair of detectives: Hip-Hip and Hura. The pink hippo and the purple weasel solve diverse puzzles. Their investigations enable the young viewers to understand the phenomena and rules governing nature. The series was produced by the Studio Miniatur Filmowych of Warsaw, established in 1958. It has been broadcast by television channels in Argentina, Portugal, France, Romania, etc.


Jim and Screw

Dwóch Jasiów i Małgosia, Porwana Królewna, written and directed by: Bronisław Zeman i Andrzej Orzechowski (2012, 13’ and 14’)
A cartoon about the fairytale journeys of two protagonists, Jim and Screw. Thanks to the unlimited imagination of the boys, the ordinary reality changes into something completely different. Everyday-use objects come alive. Jim and Screw visit different lands in which they encounter the popular fairytale characters. The events are surprising as we see the familiar fairy tale characters outside their typical scenario. The series was created in Studio Filmów Rysunkowych in Bielsko-Biała. Jim and Screw is a mixture of the classic and computer animation techniques.


86 minutes. Poland, 2011-2012. Subtitled.


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